Frequently Asked Questions

What is your booking timeframe?

We do our best to get you booked in asap! Depending on the season that could be the same day or sometimes up to 2-3 weeks time in peak season – for our clients that are in our regular booking system they take first priority and will always have their jobs booked first followed by first time/ one-off bookings.

Do I need to be home?

Customers often ask if they need to be home – the short answer is No – if we can access your property without you being home and you don’t keep a dinosaur in the background that will swallow us whole then there is no need to be home and we can send you an invoice on completion.

How do I pay?
Invoices will be emailed on completion of service, which can then be paid via online banking, over the phone or by cash instore. Alternatively you can sign up to our direct debit system.
What do I need to test my pool water instore?
Please bring in a sample of at least 100ml of your pool water. We also need to know either the dimensions of the pool ie. 3m x 4m x 1.5m or the litrage ie. 27,000L. In addition, we need to know what type of chlorinator you have (that’s the box with all the buttons for adjusting time and chlorine output) – you are welcome to bring in a photo of it and we can work out the rest!
How often should I test my pool water?
If you are looking after your pool yourself, during the summer months we recommend every 2 weeks (sometimes we can make small tweaks to equipment rather than leave it longer and have to adjust with chemicals), in winter you can stretch out to every 4 weeks.
How often should I get my pool serviced?
Its recommended for a residential pool you have it serviced at least every 4 weeks and not over 6 weeks, however you are welcome to have it serviced at any interval you prefer and you may like it more often if your pool gets a lot of leaves or usage.
Is there a difference between ultra fine pool salt and cheaper pool salt?
Absolutely!! The Ultra Fine or Premium salt has been through more refining processes in comparison to the cheaper standard salt. Refining salt removes the impurities from salt especially iron, which can cause staining to your pool and increases phosphates.
What should I do if my pool turns green?
Generally a pool turns green due to low chlorine – you can give us a call and we can sort that for you or if you prefer you can pick up chlorine from our store and apply to the pool – we are also happy to give free advice over the phone or instore about how much to apply and the process to follow to keep you and your family safe!
What if I book a Full Pool Service and It only needs a basic service?
Good news, we will automatically down grade your service and only charge you for the basic service.
Do you diagnose and repair pool equipment?
Yes we do!
Do you sell and install new pool equipment?
Yes we do
Do you do pool heating?
Yes we do
How often should I clean the filter?
Once a month is generally a good idea, however keep an eye on your pressure gauge, if it’s showing high pressure be sure to do a clean to allow better waterflow, or if the pool has had a lot of dust go through it, we recommend giving it an extra clean.
Do you build pools?

No we don’t, its probably the only aspect of pools we don’t do, however we get to chat to A LOT of clients about their pool building experience and we have a few pool builders that we highly recommend…